Hello world!

Yippee! This is my first post on my new blog.  Please bear with me (pardon the pun) as I’ve only just set up my blog and I can’t type very quickly as it’s quite difficult with paws.

You can see my Flickr photo feed over there on the right which has lots of photos from all my adventures. I’ve also posted a link to my group on Facebook.

Mostly the pictures are from my travels with my guardian, Ben, and his girlfriend Eddi. Sometimes I help out Ben with chores round the house, but mostly, when I’m not travelling I like to just sit on the sofa and chill out listening to 80s music.  It’s not my preferred taste but Ben likes it and I don’t know how to re-tune the digital radio thing and I can’t reach the TV to turn it on!

If you like my blog please join my group on Facebook too which Ben helps me with, and he does all the “mobile” stuff anyway as nobody will let me have a mobile phone of my own. Mostly Eddi will be helping me post on here as she can type much faster than me and knows how to do blogging stuff as she already has one of her own.

Thanks for visiting.

Bear hugs and best wishes,

Phil x

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3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. keeperofthepeace

    Ahh hello Nookie Bear, thanks for stopping by .. sorry I haven’t replied sooner. I haven’t logged in for a couple of days, I’m a very busy bear! It’s a question of who you know you see, and I know all the right people 🙂 Graham very kindly gave me a mention on his show … http://www.lincolncityradio.com/soundsinstrumental.html

  2. Nookie Bear

    Hello Phil, I understand you had a request played on the radio recently, how did you manage that?? Be in touch soon, Nookie.

  3. Nookie Bear

    Hello Phil Max, Nookie Bear here, I understand you had a record dedication to you on some obscure radio station in Lincoln, that’s more than I’ve had. How did you manage that? I’ll have to do some investigation work. bye for new, Nookie Bear.

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