Bear Goes Travellin’

I’ve been very busy travelling recently.  I’ve been in Runcorn for the week with Ben while he was on a course with work. I admit I went off the rails a bit as I have discovered I have a taste for wine …. one evening Ben came back and caught me trying to break into the hotel minibar with a teaspoon. Needless to say it wasn’t a success.

Today I’ve been to the Norfolk coast in Hunstanton for the day. (I have some pictures to post which I’ll do tomorrow if I can as it’s a bit late for small bears just now).

Later this week I’m going to London with Ben and Eddi for a couple of days and then it’s off to the Lake District for a week. What sort of things does a bear need to pack when he goes on holiday? It’s all quite new to me 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Bear Goes Travellin’

  1. keeperofthepeace

    Dear Paddington Brown,

    Thank you so much for your advice, it has been most useful. I am just getting up to date after my holidays. So many photos to upload to my Flickr stream. I have yet to do those from our Cumbrian excursion. I will spend some time tonight dictating my holiday blog posts to Miss Eddi to type up for me. Today I have been out playing in the snow and made a rather impressive snow bear in Bens garden so need to rest a little now.

    Next time I am in London I will be sure to look you up should your kind invitation still be extended?

    Once again, many thanks for your wonderful advice.

    Very best bear regards,


  2. Dear Sir,

    In my experience one should never go anywhere without two marmalade sandwiches, and a thermosflask of cocoa. One should always be polite, treat people with respect, and always be willing to help out (thankfully I am naturally blessed with a gift for carpentry and the arts.) You should also be forthright, and honest, but should you find yourself in a difficult situation my Aunt Lucy taught me that a hard stare from a Bear can work wonders, and believe it does.

    As for other advice, my great uncle Pastuzo always carries an umbrella, he is an experienced traveller and says they are indispensable. In Darkest Puru we use them for protection from the sun, but here they can be used to keep the rain from your dufflecoat and fur! A hat is also useful, and the one I wear travelled all around the globe with my great uncle, before he retired to Lima.

    If you ever go to the seaside it is the custom to build castles made of sand, I have won many competitions and am a great champion, but be sure to take a bucket and spade – wet sand is very uncomfortable and difficult to remove when stuck under your claws, and it also matts the fur.

    As a foreigner to your shores I have found taking heed of these few simple things invalable, and they have taken me far. Godbye for now Mr. Max, I trust Mr Hall-Evans is as good to me as Mr and Mrs Brown.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Paddington Brown

    P.S. You are always welcome to visit me at no 32 Windsor Gardens when you next visit London, I have told Mr Gruber and the Browns of your travels, and they would like to meet you.

    P.P.S. There are much useful and factual information contained in my diaries which Mr. Bond was kind enough to compile after I dictated them – it seems the English are not good with languages, but even fellow Bears find my Peruvian Bearish difficult to follow.

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