A Bear in London

I’m playing bear catch-up a little here since I didn’t get to post while I was on holiday. We headed down to London very early on 18th November, primarily to visit the Titanic Artefact Exhibition at the o2 Arena (Eddi’s birthday present from Ben). Now I’ve never been that interested in the Titanic to be honest but Eddi is fascinated by the whole thing. Here I am outside the o2 (having already been in the car for 3 hours and 2 tube journeys!):


We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the exhibition. They both found it very interesting butI was shoved right in the bottom of Eddi’s bag incase I fell out and got lost so I just saw a bit as I peeped through the gap.

PhotobucketWe stopped at  Starbucks on the way out for a spot of lunch.  They don’t really stock anything suitable for small bears so I just finished off Ben’s Gingerbread Latte. After that we decided to head back into central London to do some sightseeing.

I got quite accustomed to catching the tube round London. Obviously if I were alone I’d get trodden on but it’s OK to go with my “people”. We got the tube to Westminster to see the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey, then headed across Parliament Square to Whitehall.

Pics clockwise starting top left: Looking up at Big Ben (although technically Big Ben is actually a bell but everyone calls the tower Big Ben too); On a packed tube; at Green Park station changing tube lines; and at Downing Street.


There were pretty red poppies everywhere. Ben and Eddi told me that a few days before it was Remembrance Sunday and the poppies were a symbol to honour all the people who’ve fought and in many cases given their lives in battle since, well, long before I was created.

PhotobucketJust along from Downing Street is Horseguards Parade. It had started to rain by now and this chap didn’t look too happy. And neither did the fella in the red coat! Apparently it’s the job of these fine men and horses to look after the Queen? They are members of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment I think?

Onwards we went in the drizzle. Across Horseguards Parade and through to Pall Mall, then to Trafalgar Square…. I tried to get a picture of Nelson’s Column but every time I looked up I got rain in my face.


After this we were going to head over to Buckingham Palace but it was so cold and wet and miserable, even for a hardy bear such as I. By the time we got to St James’s Park it was throwing it down with rain and there was nowhere to shelter so we decided to get the tube back to the car and go back to the hotel. B&E tucked me up in bed while they went out for some dinner. A tired little yellow bear!

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