Cumbrian Adventure Part Three

Well here we are at part three of my holiday with Ben, Eddi and Chipper in the Lakes. Where did we get to? I’m terribly forgetful. Oh yes, I told you all about our icy escapades on Wednesday didn’t I? So here’s what we did the next day on Thursday – Not content with near death on the ice at Hardknott yesterday we go for round two up The Struggle, which rises 1300 feet from Ambleside to the Inn on the Kirkstone Pass and once again, the ice stops us. Grrr at black ice.

En route to Thirlmere

We find another route so we can come back later and try The Struggle from the other direction. So we head back into Ambleside, then up past Thirlmere, heading for Whinlatter Pass which is not so steep. It’s very pretty and covered in Christmas trees, so I find a little one just for me.

Here’s me with my tree at Crummock Water. It’s a very pretty lake, but there’s no time to stop for long as we’ve got a good distance to cover today!

Me and my tree at Crummock Water

We drive along Buttermere and yet another pass, this time it’s Honister Pass where we stop at the top at the Slate Mine and I play on the slate in the carpark.

At Honister Slate Mine

We carry on up the Borrowdale Valley past Derwent Water and up to Keswick. We’re heading for something called Aira Force. God knows what it is! On the way Eddi sees signs for some stone circle or other which it takes us ages to find. Honestly, you’d think they’d signpost things better for visitors. Chipper ventures out too this time, though it is mighty cold! Brrrr!

At Castlerigg Stone Circle

I’m not feeling especially any more powerful after my commune with the standing stones. Very disappointing indeed. Anyway, we arrive at Aira Force soon afterwards. Chipper doesn’t like the sound of it so he stays in the car and the rest of us walk down to where I can hear the sound of water. I don’t think it’s bath time yet is it?!

Aira Force

Wow! Turns out it’s a really big waterfall. And it’s really pretty too. I tried to go diving off the top bridge but thankfully Ben caught hold of me just in time.  I swear it’s those stones at the circle making me feel weird. We get back in the car and head down the road along the banks of Ullswater and head back toward the Kirkstone Pass.

At the top of Kirkstone PassThe Kirkstone Inn at the top of the pass is the third highest pub in England. Jeez it’s cold out here! While we’re in the car park two ladies climb down the fell in front of us. Rather them than me in this weather but hey, girl power!  Ben says we can try to go down The Struggle which is just visible above my head in the picture. Personally I think he’s mad but we go anyway and as it turns out it’s OK and it’s a really pretty road.

We have to go to Grasmere before we get back to the cottage so Eddi can buy something called Gingerbread from a lady called Sarah Nelson. What a prety little village. We are going home tomorrow. It’s gone really quickly and we’re all quite sad.

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