Kedleston Hall

I’m catching up on a few posts here. A lot in fact. I’m actually considering sacking my typist but it takes sooo long to type with my paws! I’ve put her on an improvement plan so we should do OK from now on.

entry through gate

I appear to have misplaced lost my picture of the house, so instead here I am sneaking through the railings.

You can find out all about Kedleston Hall here:

parkland at kedleston hall

The view from the house is very pretty. I could eat my sandwiches here if anyone had bothered to make me any!


Harumph! People are so protective of their space. Private schmivate.

stealing the lions toy

I asked the lion in the garden if I could play with his toy ball?

what happens when you steal the lions toy 1

I guess the answer is no then?

icy water

This little pond was perfect for ice skating. Shame I don’t have any skates really. I actually think my bottom might be frozen to the ice.

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