A trip to Hanbury Hall

We went for a day out to Hanbury Hall. It was built in 1701 so it’s quite old. The National Trust look after it now. You can find out more about it here .. http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/hanbury-hall/

Hanbury Hall

Here I am outside the house on a sunny day. It’s fantastic inside too… lots of interesting things and huge paintings.

The Garden at Hanbury Hall

This pretty garden is called a sunken parterre. One of the previous owners had it all ripped out so the National Trust have spent years and lots of money restoring it.

Sunken Parterre - Hanbury Hall

What a lovely pattern the garden makes and the little shaped trees.

It's OK to stand on the rope... right?

Rules, rules, rules! They can’t stop me standing on the rope.

The Orangery at Hanbury Hall

I wanted to to go into the Orangery and find the 300yr old paw print on the floor but we weren’t allowed in because of the fruit growing 😦

Fell down the cattle grid

On the way out I slipped in the cattle grid. Harumph!

We had a lovely day here. There are lots of interesting things around the gardens to look at – and there’s a very good tea room too.

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