My visit to the Palace of Versailles

Hi everyone. Here we are at the second part of our holiday in France last year. Today we’re on our way to a grand palace.


We got stuck on the Paris ring road on the way and it was almost noon when we got to Versailles. The queue to get into the palace must have been (I kid you not) about half a mile long. We asked someone who looked a bit official and she said we would do better to go and see the grounds first and come back to the palace at about 4pm/4.30pm when it would be quieter. So off we went to see the gardens first.

The view down the gardens is amazing. There are flowers and fountains everywhere you look and a huge canal stretching out in front. The smell of the flower beds is so strong.

I need to pass on bit of advice for you: the grounds are VAST and all well worth seeing. You definitely need a whole day at least and they do a ticket to enter all the various bits though the main part of the grounds are free to enter. Get there early and see the gardens first. If you go in the palace first you’ll be battling crowds to be able to get round and see things. Also, do a bit of prior planning and check out the map of the grounds or you’ll miss loads.  Interactive map

Latone Ornamental Lake and Grand Canal

Wow that looks a long way.


There are flowers and fountains everywhere. Up at the top there is the palace.


Look at the beautiful flowers. I wish you could smell them.


Phil: Can we hire one of them golf cart thingys please?
Ben: No Phil
Phil: Harumph!

At Versailles

My poor aching paws! We’ve got such a long way to go yet to see Marie Antoinettes village

At Versailles

Nice bit of shade here and the marble is nice and cool for my feet.

Marie Antoinettes Hamlet

Finally we get here. Marie Antoinette’s Hamlet

The Queens House

This is the Queens House. It’s very old and fragile now and the stairs are all broken.

After looking around Marie Antoinettes village we start the long walk back to the palace via the Grand Trianon and Gardens. When we get back to the palace gates we realise the lady earlier was right – it is much quieter now and we don’t have to queue or anything. Eddi is pleased as taking photographs is much easier with less people around.

Beautiful ceiling in the Chapel

There are lots and lots of ceilings painted like this one. It must have taken them ages. This is the chapel in the palace.

Hall of Mirrors at Versailles

This room is pretty famous – it’s called the Hall of Mirrors. There are so many people here trying to walk through. *Shouts* “Make way, make way, small bear coming through”

Ceiling in the Hall of Mirrors

It’s so pretty. There are windows all down the right and mirrors all down the left, the ceiling is all painted and there are these huge chandeliers all the way down. Impressive!

You can find out all about the Chateau de Versailles on their website.

What a fantastic day we’ve had at Versailles. It really is amazing and I wish we’d had more time. I think we may come back one day for another look.

Tomorrow we move campsites again and then we’re off to Paris for the day – I can’t wait. I hope you’ll come and join me on my next post about Paris.


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3 thoughts on “My visit to the Palace of Versailles

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  2. Awesome! Now I’m jealous!! 😀

    We’re planning a European trip for my daughter’s graduation from University–hopefully 2015!
    Great pictures!

    • philmaxbear

      Thanks very much. It’s an amazing place. I’ve still got a couple of posts to do for Paris and the Loire Valley and we’re off to France again in a couple of weeks.

      Your southern states road trip sounds very exciting 🙂

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