Parc Naturel de Boutissaint

With the Bank Holiday weekend and Jubilee festivities over I should get back to telling you about our holiday in France last year.

After a leisurely morning at the Briare Aqueduct we decided to drive out into the countryside to find somewhere for a picnic. We came across some signs for Parc Naturel de Boutissaint which sounded like a possibility so we turned in and drove up the lane. We had seen deer running around in the bushes behind the fencing and hoped we might be lucky enough to see some while we were having lunch.

At the top of the lane we found a small grassy parking area overlooking a field with a lake and trees and a big purpose built picnic shelter. We sat and ate our picnic in the car as it had started to rain and were just about to leave when Eddi saw some people get out of their car and pay admission at a little kiosk. Admission to what we did not know so we decided to see what it was all about. It turns out there was an animal park on the grounds so we paid the 8 Euros each to go in. We hadn’t even seen the château from the carpark (behind the little fence on the very right hand side of the photograph below) as it was obscured by trees.

The Chateau at Parc Naturel de Boutissaint

The château at Parc Naturel de Boutissaint

You could get really close to some of the animals….



Two Obliging Deer

We were amazed these guys didn’t run off into the woods.

Wild Boar and Babies

Look at the little stripy piglets.

Mouflon Sheep (I think)

Mouflon sheep and some other animals

When we had seen all the animals we went for a long walk around the woods. It was really pretty with the sunshine coming through the trees. You get a map when you pay to come in and you can just take your own route round.

At Parc Naturel de Boutissaint

Having a rest

Eventually we got out of the woods and back to the lake. Ben thought it would be fun to go stand on the wobbly jetty. He was going to take me too but Eddi said if he wanted to fall in that was fine but he wasn’t taking me in with him.

Ben on a dodgy looking jetty

Here is a great film someone has taken flying over the château and grounds which shows what a pretty place it is.

The park is really off the main beaten tourist track which is a shame as it deserves more visitors. It is located just over 2 hours south of Paris and if you search for “Boutissaint, Treigny, France” you will find it on a map. They have a holiday cottage too that Eddi has spotted on their website.

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