Medieval village of Yvoire, Lake Geneva

Hello to my friends and followers. Today I thought I would tell you a little about my trip last year to Yvoire, on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Yvoire is a small medieval village which has existed for around 700 years or so. That’s a long time by any-ones standards! For about 20 years it has been part of the Most beautiful villages of France association and it’s easy to see why as it really is very pretty. It’s around 30km north of Geneva itself and around the same distance west of a place called Evian where they make water. Or they put it in bottles anyway. Next time we go to France I’m taking a load of empty bottles and filling them in the lake .. I can’t believe the lake isn’t 10 or 20 people deep all the way round trying to make their fortune selling empty fizzy pop bottles full of Lake Geneva. Am I missing a trick?

Anyway, here’s a few pictures from our day trip. It was a hot and sunny day and we had a picnic under the trees by the lake, then went for a walk around the town. This is where we sat for our picnic. It’s quite a view – that’s Switzerland over there in the distance.

Lake Geneva at Yvoire

The water is sooo clear. The lake itself is shaped like a croissant and covers an area of around 580 km square. Some of it belongs to France and some to Switzerland. I’m not sure how they keep their own water? Maybe there is a huge fence down the middle?

Lake Geneva at Yvoire

This is me (obviously) with the 14th century Chateau d’Yvoire behind.

Yvoire, Lake Geneva

They have flowers everywhere. It really is lovely.


Oooh a bear shop. How exciting.

Yvoire, Lake Geneva

The church of St Pancras. There’s been a church there since the 11th century but it’s been rebuilt lots and this steeple was put up about 1854, which is still quite old.


We were going to go on a boat but didn’t have time.

Lake Geneva at Yvoire

What a beautiful day it is.

Boat on Lake Geneva at Yvoire

We just managed to get a picture of this swan about to take off.


Here’s a few bits and bobs if you fancy visiting Yvoire too:

This is the boat tour we were going to go on but didn’t have time: Clicky here

Yvoire tourism website: Clicky here

There is a big pay and display carpark off Rue des Bouchets which you get to from the D25. There is a little path down to the water from there or you can walk straight into town – it’s just a hop, skip and a jump away. This map shows a carpark by the roundabout but if you zoom in a bit and click “hybrid” view on the map you can see the car park I’ve mentioned to the right of the town.

We’re going back to stay in the same places again this year so I hope they will take me back to Yvoire and that I get to go in the bear shop this time.

All the best,


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3 thoughts on “Medieval village of Yvoire, Lake Geneva

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    Here’s a post written by our bear Phil on his blog about a visit we made to Yvoire while we were in France last year …..

  2. Wow! We Learned about *The Most Beautiful Villages of France* organization from you, yellow bear!
    Thank you for your Beautiful and Informative Posts! 🙂

    • philmaxbear

      Thank you so much Michael. I’m glad you like my posts 🙂 (I’ve been reading Ryans blog for a while now)

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