Where am I going

I am now in the process of catching up after a bit of a break  of writing for my blog. Here are some of the places we have been that I will be writing about:

We have had trips to Croome Park in Gloucestershire to see the teddy bear parachuting and to Wightwick Manor, a lovely old manor house in the Black Country along with a whole host of other National Trust properties such as Hardwick Hall, Waddesdon Manor and Woolsthorpe Manor (Isaac Newton’s home). I am hoping they will offer me bear membership for life of something seeing as I am such a spokesperson. We now have membership to English Heritage as well so lots more places to visit now.

We went to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour because Eddi really likes the Harry Potter books and films and that was great fun though I did nearly get cursed by a death eater who grabbed me by my leg and tried to cast a spell on me! We also went to stay in Greenwich in London for a few days for her birthday. We have been to Holy Island and to Scotland again and we spent New Year at Longleat Safari Park.

We have just returned from Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight in March so while thats fresh in my tiny mind I will write about that first and you should see those posts in early April.

So where next?

We are going to the French Alps again in June which is very exciting and there may be a few small adventures between now and then.



3 April 2014

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